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Straps - Round Leather Straps - Leather Bands - Continuous Straps 

Stock : Following items kept in stock. The current stock is visible in the column [available].
Strap length : We offer laces from 1 to 100 meters. Please ask for extra sizes.
Block pricing : The volume related prices for laces are directly visible: 1, 25, 100 / Please log in, if you are a business customer.
Round Leather Straps
Round Cord 0,5 - 8,0 mm
Leather Straps

available in black, brown, nature
Round Leather Lace
Round Cord - coloured
Round Leather Straps
leather lace in 20 current colours
Round Leather Laces
Round Cord - natural colours
Round Leather Lace

nature and metallic colours
Leather Bands
Round Cord Premium
Continuous Straps

leather lace nature and black
Braiding Straps
Flat Leather Lace nappa
Braiding Straps
smooth cow leather lace
Goatskin Strap
Flat Leather Lace velour
Fur straps

soft cow leather lace
Leather Leash
Square Leather Lace
Square leather lace

6 standard colours
Continuous Straps
Flat Leather Lace endless

for leads, harness etc.
Full Grain Straps
Belt Straps 1,2m
Belt Straps
flat grain leather lace
Full Grain Straps
Belt Straps 2,0m
Full Grain Straps
flat grain leather lace
Split Leather Strap 1,3m
Split Leather Straps
flat leather lace for belts